Need wires buried? We have 2 types of trenchers for performing underground wiring and trenching. Trenching allows all underground wires to be discreetly buried for protection and appearance.

  • One is a vibratory plow, which leaves no mess. It pulls the wire in by cutting the sod without any mess. The marks are virtually gone after a couple of rainfalls.
  • For larger jobs, we have a large trencher with a backhoe.

Underground wiring and trenching should be performed by a skilled electrician for your safety. Precise code requirements are in place to protect your home and business, as well as your family members and employees. Our skilled technicians are knowledgeable regarding code requirements as well as the proper depths for trenching underground wiring in various applications. Our underground wiring and trenching services are ideal for extending electrical service as well as installing communication lines for your home or business.